Answer is YES

What Is Social Trading

In order to fully explore whether or not Social Trading is a scam, we must first make sure that you all are aware of what Social Trading is. Social Trading is a growing coalition between forex trading and social media.

It allows traders to join together into a web-based community where they can connect, chat, post and even follow other traders.

Depending on which program you choose and what type of trader you follow this can mean anything from receiving updates to trading tips, signals and even automated trade execution in your own accounts.

How Does Social Trading Work

It is really a pretty simple concept. A more sophisticated and more successful trader posts his trades in a way that others can follow.

Basically, Social Trading looked a lot like what we today call an SSP, a signal service provider. This type of Social Trading gives traders with a number of trading signals throughout the week.

Signals could be generated by any type of analysis and the SSP’s are usually run by one or more traders. Subscribers usually pay a fee and receive tips through newsletters, emails and texts.

The advent of forums and the growth of social media has allowed anyone to become an SSP. All you have to do is start posting tips. Since it’s birth Social Trading has evolved to include all the best things that experienced traders, social media and electronic trading have to offer.

Social Trade Biz a Biggest Scam

And there is no hiding in this. It’s a scam and is being trained by Educated IT Professionals, promoted by Greedy Elites, who are members up to the ladder & have no concern about the fallout & resulting losses to thousands of people down the line.

Just observe the rules and you will know that its fraud.

  1. Rs 5 per click to an employee, Rs 5 goes to Employer- Still Employer asks for joining fee, that too, a high sum of 20000 to 50000.
  2. Booster Activation Period – 20 Days; Including holidays, so it comes down to 15–16 Days. Again activation takes 2–3 days. So, It further comes down to 12–13 days. So, You need to add 2 members in 12–13 days to activate booster (Which will enhance your income per day)
  3. Say, if you join and do not add any member down the leg- then – You will be stupidly clicking fake links for around 5 months to get your money back. As the company is fraud, it can have money of all those members, who enrolled in last 5 months (& don’t spread this virus) on any date either today or next Sunday or say your next birthday.
  4. If you continue spreading it, You may recover your investment ( though Company says – Its not an investment company & that huge joining fee is just a token of appreciation for their kind service of manipulating masses) in 2 months. But, those down the line will have their money stuck in this scam.
  5. So, If you see it now, its like, take the disease but pass it as fast as you can on someone (Actually 2 members) next, down the line.
  6. So, the mantra for Members – Keep spreading the disease, bear risk (& fear) of losing money just for 2 months (if you have done your service of spreading the virus to next 2 fools) and thereafter enjoy fruits of your (fake) attributes as managerial skills, Good Convincing, Risk Bearing blah-blah.
  7. If You are a member or if you become a member, you will follow (or have already trodden that path) Point 6 mentioned above. But, my request, first authenticates the claims put by a company. Is clicking paying money or just the money is being circulated from new members to old members ? If it looks like a scam, Stop yourself from supporting such scam.
  8. If you are not a member yet, Read again from points 1–5. Then ask yourself whether you are okay after fooling (and looting) poor members (Students/ Job Seekers/ Low earning fellows etc.) down the line. If yes, Go On — Sites like Social trade Biz are for likes of you.

I think, i have done my part. Now, choice is yours.

Actual Scene / Manipulation

• Each member pays a hefty amount of Rs. 57500/- to get membership. 

• The member gets 125 links (are mostly fake) to promote and earn 0. 625 per day, if booster is not activated. (Booster means making 2 members down the leg). 

• 20 days are given to a new member to activate booster. 

• Down the leg, if 2 members join, the one at top of them gets a booster income of Rs. 5000. 

• So, Say, if a new member pays Rs. 57500 and activates booster in next 15 days, the total payment to that member in next 3 months= 15 Days*625 + 50 Days* 1250 = 71875 + 5000 = 76875 

• Say, if 2 new members down the leg do not make any other member, Payment to these 2 members in next 2.5 months = 2*625*50 Days = 62500 

• Money still left with company= 57500*3 —76875 — 62500= 33125 .

• So for 3 members, Company has around 33000 with it, even after around 2.5 months of joining of 2 members down the leg. As shown, the company has done nothing other than just taking money from lower members & giving to higher members. 

• Say, If the company has 200000 members on some date, then the company would be having 100000 members at the bottom line, who would have joined in last 10-15 days. 

• Money with the company from these 100000 members (Considering only new member money for now) = 57,500*1,00,000 = 5,75,00,00,000 (575 Crore) 

• Calculation is very easy now. Payments to those new members in last 10 days= 10*625*1,00,000 = 62,50,00,000 (62.5 Crores) 

• So the Company can run away with 500 Crore on the day, when its membership reaches 200000. Some data shows, it already has more than 1 lakh members. Do you still think that its not a SCAM ? 

Why is it spreading so fast then ..? 

• Educated persons leading the mission 

• Top members get huge amount, if new members are added fast. 

• Also, Members receive tablets, Laptops etc. if they make some specific no. of members down the leg in limited period.