Programming Languages Used In Most Popular Websites

It is a word that excites some and scares others. We’re going to walk you through the programming languages used in most popular websites, so you’ll know which languages you’ll need to know to get started. Let’s have a detailed look at the main languages and how they stand when compared to each other.

Programming languages used in most popular website

WebsitesFront-end (Client-side)Back-end (Server-side)Database
Google.comJavaScriptC, C++, Go, Java, PythonBigTabele, MariaDb
YouTube.comFlash, JavaScriptC/C++, Python, Java, GoMySQL, BigTable
Facebook.comJavaScriptHack, PHP, C++, Java, Python, Erlang, D, XhpMySQL, HBase
Yahoo.comJavaScriptJavaScript, PHPMySQL, PostgreSQL
Amazon.comJavaScriptJava, C++, Perl
Wikipedia.orgJavaScriptPHPMySQL, MariaDB
Twitter.comJavaScriptC++, Java, Scala, Ruby on RailsMySQL
Bing.comJavaScriptASP.NETMicrosoft SQL Server
eBay.comJavaScriptJava, JavaScriptOracle Database
MSN.comJavaScriptASP.NETMicrosoft SQL Server JavaScriptASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server
Linkedin.comJavaScriptJava, JavaScript, ScalaVoldemort
Pinterest.comJavaScriptDjango (a Python framework), ErlangMySQL, Redis

Source: Wikipedia