Udta Punjab controversy and hypocrisy of its breast beaters

The Udta Punjab controversy reminded me of a conversation in Mahabharata.

Yama: What is hypocrisy?
Yudhisthira: The setting up of standards for others is hypocrisy.

Self-righteousness born out of victim-hood rather than on unbiased and fair principles usually leads to hypocrisy. When the director of “Buddha in a Traffic Jam” and others was attacked by comrades of a Central University, some of the current breast beaters for Udta Punjab controversy preferred to remain, mute spectators, some had selective amnesia and some even indirectly justified violence and were visibly happy that film wasn’t allowed for screening.

Some Udta Punjab breast beaters who cite “Freedom of Expression” forget that even others deserve the right to “Freedom of Expression” irrespective of political and ideological inclinations.

Freedom of Speech is not the privilege of the few who claim to be superior to others in aspects of art, it’s a principle which has to be applied equally irrespective of what you feel. It’s plain hypocrisy when one justifies ban and violence against other films with “propaganda”, “motivated” and claim their films as “creative”, “realistic” and “pushing the envelope” when compared with the same yardstick of “Freedom of Expression”.

CBFC has rules and regulations which it has to follow , it cannot take decisions and make approvals based on the whims of individuals. Some advocate that there should be no censor board and every film should be released without any cuts, do you apply the same for films like “Innocence of Muslims”?.

I feel much more comfortable discussing with a conservative bigot than a so-called liberal who applies lofty principles selectively. One of the symbols of a functioning democracy is when people use the right to talk crap openly, Ex: India turned into North Korea. Such statements are a periodic reminder that right to speech and expression in India are alive unlike in other countries like North Korea.

Before joining the chorus to support Udta Punjab, I would like you to consider the below points
– Is this a publicity stunt?
– Did CBFC follow rules/regulations/guidelines?
– In supporting a genuine cause are you indirectly taking the side of hypocrites?
– Will they support you when you face the same trouble if your work doesn’t meet their standards?